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Narraganset Bay

A topographical chart of the bay of Narraganset

Here for your consideration is a topographical chart of the bay of Narraganset in the province of New England, with all the isles contained therein, among which Rhode Island and Connonicut have been particularly surveyed, shewing the true position & bearings of the banks, shoals, rocks &c. as likewise the soundings; To which have been added the several works & batteries raised by the Americans. Taken by order of the principal farmers on Rhode Island. It was made in 1777.

Narragansett Bay R.I.

Inscribed "To the Right Honourable Hugh Earl Percy ... with His Lordship's permission . Includes text, "References to the batteries," and "A list of the principal farms in Rhode Island."

We have compiled this collection of photographs to serve as a vital educational tool. Contact for information or questions on this map.

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