Charleston, South Carolina in 1700;s


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Ichnography of Charleston, South-Carolina :

Ichnography of Charleston, South-Carolina

Here for your consideration is a stunning chart of Ichnography of Charleston, South-Carolina : at the request of Adam Tunno, Esq., for the use of the Phoenix Fire-Company of London, taken from actual survey, 2d August 1788 / by Edmund Petrie. It was created in 1790.

Insurance, Fire.

Scale 1:4,800; 400 ft. to 1 in. Oriented with north toward the lower right. "Published 1st Jan'y 1790 by E. Petrie, No. 13 America Square." Includes street index with width data, indexes to points of interest, and ill.

We have created this collection of pictures mainly to serve as an easy to access educational tool. Contact for information or questions on this map.

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