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In preparing this site, we have extensively relied on information archived at the United States Library of Congress. Titles and Descriptions have been derived from information printed on the maps, resources at the Library of Congress, and the following bibliographies and publications. Resources utilized in creating this archive include:

Library of Congress Geography and Maps Division WEB site

LC Maps of North America, 1750-1789

Handbook of Latin American Studies.

 Koeman, C. Atlantes Neerlandici. Bibliography of terrestrial, maritime and celestial atlases.

LC Antarctic maps

LC U.S. railroad maps

LC Civil War maps

LC Ward maps

LC Civil War maps (2nd ed.)

LeGear. Atlases of the United States

Phillips, Philip Lee. the Lowery collection.

LC Land ownership maps

Phillips, Philip Lee. A list of geographical atlases in the Library of Congress.

LC Luso-Hispanic World

LC Maps of North America, 1750-1789

Phillips. Maps of America

LC Marketing maps

Stephenson. Cartography of northern Virginia

LC Nautical charts on vellum

Wheat, C.I. Mapping the transmississippi West

LC Panoramic maps

Wheat, C.I. Maps of the Calif. gold region

LC Panoramic maps

Wagner, H.R. Cartog. of the NW coast

LC Trails

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